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Small Business Truths

Being employed until my forties, I‘d never had any plans to start my own business. All change in 2020 as for so many people and I now find myself the owner of a small business and if I’m honest I often feel out of my depth!

The main area I feel like this about is ACCOUNTS. So many things that I just can’t get my head around so this year I’ve bitten the bullet and got a lovely local accountant to take this weight off my shoulders. Phew!

It often also feels very surreal, especially so when our soaps have been so in demand and our stockists are ordering and reordering because they’re selling so fast! I don’t think the novelty of this feeling will ever get boring!

I just never imagined what a consuming thing having a small business would be, feeling very proud and also under qualified at the same time!

Overall though it’s been one of the most rewarding employments and I genuinely love what I do so I feel very lucky that I took the chance.

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